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Embedding PHP code in PHP extensions

Traditionnally, PHP extensions contain C code only. The main reason is obvious : this code needs to be fast and access external C APIs. But, in many cases, some parts of the extension code could be written in PHP.


Loading PHP extensions by name

Today, PHP extensions are loaded using their file names. Unfortunately, this filename depends on the operating system. So, when they want to activate an extension, newcomers are confused about the exact directive they must add to the php.ini file. The php.ini comments are also very confusing, using the word 'extension' as a synonym for 'file suffix' and providing examples using the windows syntax only.


PHP - Improve object to scalar conversion

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The __toString() magic method allows to convert an object to a string. This mechanism can be extended to allow converting to other scalar types. New rules can also allow converting the value, even when the specific method is not implemented.


PHP friend classes

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This concept is adapted from C++. A 'friend' class can access the 'protected' members of the class in which it is declared as a friend.


Introducing Automap

This brief documents presents the essential concepts behind Automap and the main benefits it can bring to your applications.


Comparing PHP autoloaders

This document lists the pros and cons of the various autoloading mechanisms existing in the PHP world.